Students put out classroom fire


Junior Matthew Muñoz puts out fire using the classroom’s extinguisher.

Atiyana Sowell, Editor in Chief

The floor of C-9 after the fire had been put out.

*This article was edited to remove an eyewitness name.

A small fire broke out in classroom C-9 Wednesday as a result of a student, junior, lighting the floor on fire in the back of the classroom. According to an eyewitness, the junior who started the fire applied hand sanitizer to the floor and turned on a lighter he had in his possession, which caused the carpet to catch on fire.

Junior Daniel Martinez and Matthew Muñoz quickly acted to put out the fire with water from Martinez’s Hydro Flask and the classroom’s fire extinguisher.

Assistant Basketball Coach, Kevin Cao, who was a substitute for math teacher Karon Walton, led students out of the classroom and to the Media Center. The students remained there for the rest of the period. No injuries were reported resulting from this incident.

Walton reports the fire caused little damage to the classroom.

“There were minor damages made on one of the textbooks, but as far as I know, there were no damages to anyone’s personal belongings,” said Walton.

Administration could not be reached after the incident and up until publication of this news brief.