Welcome, Dr. Park


Dr. Park revealing himself as the school mascot at WCHS fist rally. Photo credit: WCHS instagram

Katie Castillo, Digital Editor

In the beginning of the 2022 school year, West Covina High School welcomed a new principal, Dr. Charles Park. 

Park has 25 years in education as of now, it was his first and only career. He got his first teaching job at a middle school where he taught English, he then worked at a high school as an assistant principal. Moving forward, Park was principal for five years. He also worked in human resources at the district office.

Although Park had experience working for the district, he wanted a change in scenery.

“Every day I would think about what it would be like to walk the campus. I then saw the opening for West Covina High School, I looked at the school, the accountability of the report card, I saw all the things and I started getting excited about it. It’s the only high school I applied for. I thought I would be a good fit so to be here it’s like a dream come true,” said Park.

Park mentioned him being out talking to students and being able to see what they are doing now makes him feel alive. “That’s why I love this job,” said Park. 

“I can’t imagine doing another job. I love the work because the students are here and when they are successful I feel part of that. When there’s school pride and kids are having fun at school that’s what makes the job fun,” said Park.

Coming into WCHS, Park loves the campus and the field. He’s worked at three different high schools and truly believes that WCHS is an amazing place. 

“I’m excited about everything we’re doing, I love the culture, I love the activities, I love the students and the vibe,” said Park. With WCHS having a large number of events during the school year, Park is amazed. “There are so many activities, but we are a special school of activities. This is not normal, we have beyond activities but that’s what makes being here so amazing.” said Park 

Park has an important value he wants to bring to the school. He wants students to be humble about their work.

 “I don’t want them to feel that they need to be perfect. I actually want them to welcome not being successful at things… failing at things because that’s okay, that is how you learn. That is what I want for students, that is the goal. To be humble about the work, work hard and dont always be about yourself, be about the community, your team,” said Park.

Dr. Park taking a selfie with students.
Photo credit: Alanna Hidalgo

Park believes that there is always room for improvement. Some of his goals for the upcoming school year is wanting students to have a voice. 

“My goal is for students to have more ownership, more pride and just love the school and what we’re about. If students have a goal, I want to get them there. I don’t want them to feel like it is out of reach,” said Park.

Park started talking about how proud he is of the students around campus. “I love the diversity. I think groups get along and I like that about the student body. I think as a student body they take school seriously but we can make improvements. As of right now I am proud of the student body, I am really happy with what they’re doing,” said Park.

Park has now begun making connections with many students around campus. “I am trying to get to know students by using the strategy of picking up trash. It is a random strategy but if I’m walking around and I am at a distance where I can say hi to students and they can say hi back, that is the connection,” said Park

At West Covina High School there are some pressing issues that need to be addressed such as access to bathrooms, vaping in bathrooms, food and hall passes. With Park being the new principal we wanted to get the insights of many of those issues. Park said one of them is the access to bathrooms. “I am committed to having all of the bathrooms open,” said Park. Some other pressing issues around campus are vaping in bathrooms, students having choices for food, and hall passes. “5 minutes is not enough so we are going to work on that and extend the time,” said Park. All of the pressing issues Park stated he heard from students. “Pressing issues from me, I need more students to see themselves even higher,” said Park. 

While he is trying to fix issues around the school, being someone who students can go to, making connections and building bonds with many around WCHS, it makes him who he is.