Now, at the end of the school year, security enforces parking permits in student lot


Student lot emptier yesterday since security began enforcing parking permits. Photo Credit: Alexa Arauz

Matthew Portillo, Staff Writer

Students with parking permits now need to show proof that they have permission to park on campus. Before coming into the student parking lot, you are required to display parking permits in a visible location on your vehicle. 

Security guards haven’t checked students for permits for the entirety of this year, and the parking lot would fill up fast with vehicles that both had one or didn’t. This resulted in students with permits complaining that there was no space to park, and everyone would battle for a spot. 

The Performing Art Theater being built is one of the main reasons why there is not enough space for students to be able to get a parking spot; the construction resulted in the parking lot being cut down to less than half of the space that it had before. 

Students were confused on why security started checking for permits, forcing them to leave their cars at Cameron Park, which isn’t the safest place to leave cars. 

“I understand why security is enforcing the parking permits, but I don’t understand why they’re doing it so late in the school year with only two and a half weeks left,” Junior Alexa Arauz said.

One member of security staff, who wished not to be named, stated that they “enforce it now because there are people making their own parking spaces and blocking the entrances and exits.” 

In the future, if students want to park in the student lot, they will need to get to school earlier so security can check the permit. Those who don’t have permits will have to plan ahead and figure out where to park. For those who don’t think it is safe to leave their cars at the park can try different residential areas or streets around the school campus.