April Fools’ joke turns into chaos


Students gathered around after trash was thrown after an April Fools’ joke went awry. Photo by Kathleen Vu.

Andres Luzania, Staff Writer

Around 12:45 p.m. today an April Fools’ joke amongst students turned wrong when they pretended to start a fight to get a reaction from security and staff. This led to chaos as two students started an actual fight; students ran up to the conflict, which was overwhelming for security and staff as most did not know if it was serious or not. Mosh pits formed around campus, generating even more chaos.

Eyewitness reports showed students throwing trash around and at one point throwing a trash can towards the crowd. Admin and security tried breaking up the fights, but were faced with overwhelming force from students circling the scene. 

Around four fights were reported, students fighting were broken up, removed from the quad, and taken to the office. The fights took place outside the Bulldog gym and the T building. Security guards had a hard time breaking up the conflict as students made it difficult due to them gathering really close and running in waves towards the other fights. 

“This is something that makes our job a little harder, but student’s safety comes first,” stated security Daniel Sandoval.

West Covina Police Department arrived at the end to contain the chaos as this was something bigger than what the staff could handle. This caused distress in the main office, which resulted in the bell system being altered. Police were seen around campus during 5th period, standing with weapons as the P.A. system instructed students to return and stay in class. 

WCPD officers seen standing with guns around campus containing the conflict. Photo by Kassandra Aguirre.

According to the WCUSD Student Handbook, fighting is punishable by suspension or even expulsion. Students can also face legal consequences for assault. This may also lead to students being unable to walk at graduation or to be removed from school activities.

WCPD is seen showing up to campus due to chaos at lunch. Photo by Kassandra Aguirre.