Are prom ticket prices worth it?


Prom will be held this Saturday at the Jim Henson Soundstage in Hollywood / Photo by Christian Lamas

Christian Lamas, Staff Writer

With prom just days away, people are questioning if prom ticket prices are reasonable.

For the early bird special on the first week, it was $95 with ASB, $100 without ASB, and $105 for guests. For the second week it was $100 with ASB, $110 without ASB, and $115 for guests This week it is $110 with ASB, $120 without ASB, $125 for guests. Tickets will only be sold until Wednesday.

“I am going to prom, but I personally think that they are a bit too expensive, especially when you don’t work or have a source of income, it’s tougher. Maybe for some people, it’s no biggie but still, $100 is $100 and that is a lot. I feel like paying $50 dollars is a fair enough price that people wouldn’t complain about. I do think that the prom ticket prices are high, “ Senior Joshua Peralta said. 

Class of 2023 President Lina Shahsavari, who’s in charge of prom this year, explains all that goes into planning the event.  

“I understand some people are wary about the prices however, since prom is a formal dance outside of the actual school, it is expected to have that formal and high school traditional aspect! We also provide the food and activities, which is not what people normally see since our last dance was Homecoming,” Shahsavari said.

“Prom is a different event compared to Homecoming, so I definitely get why people are concerned since this is a huge difference to what they are used to. But in my opinion, compared to previous prom ticket prices, this ticket sales year is more reasonable in comparison to previous proms,”  Shahsavari adds.

Both sides have great points. Students aren’t aware what the money paid is used for, but it makes sense. The money raised from prom tickets is able to fund prom for Class of 2023 and the events in the future.

Some students can still be discouraged to buy the tickets due to price and even knowing the other side of the story, but it is still a win-win situation. Prom can be experienced twice, but for some only once. All students should be able to experience it and those who can go, should go.