Farewell to Security Martha


Security Martha showing her Bulldog spirit on her last day here. Photo by Celeste Perez.

Celeste Perez, News Editor

Many students think that being a security guard is not a lot of work, but it takes more diligence and dedication than most people think. From having observation skills, being empathetic, having communication skills, and being patient for people in order to do the job every day. The main focus is to keep everyone safe and well in order. 

For Martha Lopez-Muro, the only female security guard at West Covina High School, it’s just that and after five years, she is saying goodbye. Insight staff caught up with her recently to talk about her experiences during this time and they have been mainly positive.  

“My favorite thing is, for one, I get to walk around, exercise, put in my steps, but also making relationships, positive relationships with students, and bonding with them. And knowing I actually do care, and I’m not here and just, you know, putting on my uniform and sending students to class,” Lopez-Muro said.

“I think it’s mostly talking to students, connecting with them, and having a good, positive, relationship with them,” she continued.  

In spite of the positive relationships she built, it doesn’t come without its everyday challenges.

“Sometimes it’s not an easy job for security; I know some students think it’s easy, but the truth is sometimes some students don’t want to comply. We deal with attitude; sometimes students are rude, but not all of them,” Lopez-Muro said.

There are things she looks forward to with students, such as watching them walk the stage after years of knowing them.

“It’s always awesome to see when the students graduate, especially the ones that you would see a lot walking around campus, the ones that go to class late, or sometimes they needed that extra push, and then when you see them walk on that stage and graduate, that’s like, the best feeling now,” said Lopez-Muro.

Fellow security guard Robert Flores has grown close with Lopez-Muro throughout the five years working together.

“I’m going to miss her; she was an asset to our security team…she’s going to be heading out now and I wish her the best,” Flores stated. 

Students who have become close to her throughout these years will also miss her.

“I feel really bummed because she was a very great security that talked to us and was like our friend, and it’s just sad to see her go when she’s so loved by many,” said Junior Aaliyah Bradley.

All in all, throughout the five years she has worked here and all the bonds she has created, Bulldog Country wishes her nothing but the best and good luck.