AFJROTC Veterans Day Ceremony 2021


Cadets perform Missing Man Table ceremony, which ends with lighting a candle to represent the fallen who are unable to celebrate this day. Photo by Celeste Perez.

AFJROTC honored Veterans Day in the gym this Wednesday during 3rd period to celebrate those who served or serve in each military branch. West Covina board members attended this event with front row seats. 

Teachers signed up to watch the ceremony take place. Once 3rd period began, the gym bleachers filled with students and staff ready to watch. WCHS Choir opened by singing the National Anthem and welcomed Capt. Jesus Acuña-Perez to the stand.

The ceremony included cadets presenting the military branches’ flags such as the U.S. Marine Corps, Army, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard, and Space Force. Cadets performed a special table skit by lighting a candle for those who served, as well as sabres, a way to salute different positions of power for Capt. Acuña-Perez and MSgt. David Moroyoqui, the two AFJROTC teachers, to walk through. 

A retirement celebration with a Mariachi band was included for MSgt. Moroyoqui. Due to COVID, he did not get a formal retirement ceremony and was glad it happened at WCHS. He was joined by his family to celebrate this important time in his life.

Veterans Day is an important day in history and Capt. Acuña-Perez explained its significance. 

“It is important because our veterans are 100% volunteers, so that’s saying something. No one is being forced to serve their country. These people – men and women, take it upon themselves to serve. These folks are basically signing on the dotted line, I’m willing to lose my life in defense for my country,” he said.

Veterans day will continue to stay a highlight part of West Covina High School for years to come.