WCHS Wellness Center grand opening


Wellness Center in K-1. Photo Courtesy of Maryela Munoz.

Samantha Romero, Arts & Entertainment Editor

The Wellness Center’s official grand opening will take tomorrow via open house from 3:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. with district and board members attending. For students, the Wellness Center will be available starting Nov. 10 during nutrition, lunch, and during 3rd and 4th periods Monday-Friday. The Wellness Center is located in K-1 and is where Peer Counseling class takes place during the school day.

“The purpose of the Wellness Center is to provide a place for students to feel safe if in need to vent or release any stress,” Wellness Center Advisor and Peer Counseling teacher Ms. Jennifer Sun said. “The center could be used to even get things off your chest for those in need.” 

A quiet corner is a feature that has been implemented in the center for those who are overwhelmed and need time to themselves. 

“The Wellness Center will benefit students by allowing them to feel they have a safe space to talk to a peer rather than adults who won’t judge them, and to release any tension,” continued Sun. Furthermore, starting Nov. 10, afternoon group discussions will be held every Wednesday. The first group discussion will be about COVID related stress and all students are welcomed to attend. 

Peer Counseling two member Maryela Munoz shares her enthusiasm to be part of something new to WCHS campus. 

“I feel very excited about the opening. My peers and I have been working, training, and learning how to be the best peer counselors that we could be,” Munoz said. Her responsibilities include running the center in shifts and adjusting to the various schedules of other members.

“Teamwork is a major role in the program, and none of us members would be where we are without each other’s cooperation,” Munoz stated. “If anyone on campus is too shy or afraid to go into the center, it is okay because it can be overwhelming, but if and whenever you are ready, the doors are open.”

The center is run by Peer Counseling two members who are experienced with over a year’s worth of training to supply the help needed. Peer Counseling one students are currently training and will progress into the advanced class where they will help other students. If interested, students may join this class as an elective next year as a peer one trainee. The class is also A-G requirements approved. As of now there are 15 Peer Counseling two students who are running the center and 14 Peer Counseling one students. 

Ms. Sun with Peer Counseling students. Photo Courtesy of Maryela Munoz.