Theatre Club’s Drama with Virtual Learning

Theatre Club at one of their events held last year. Photo credits to Jocelyn Loera.

Theatre Club at one of their events held last year. Photo credits to Jocelyn Loera.

Theatre has been such a staple of the Fine Arts department, there are two separate classes for the skill; Theatre, which covers the basics of the study, and Theatrics, a more advanced class that attends competitions and represents the school. 

Theatre club is run by the student officers: Jocelyn Loera as President, Brandon Cuevas as Vice President, Sadie Davis as Secretary, Ash Alvarez as Treasurer, Carleen Jimenez as Public Relations, and Zachary Grech as Club Liaison. Although the club does teach its members similar subjects to the class, Leora emphasizes that “there’s some people who don’t want to fully commit to the class” thus, joining Theatre Club.


When accessible, theatre was able to take trips and watch performances.

The club reflects what the class attempts to deliver to its students, which is the different types of theatre and performances. Loera mentions that “if they possibly want to join the class, they usually are already prepared and had a little head start”.

However due to the pandemic, the department has had to make some adjustments to performances. Furthermore, they have found more ways to better the experience of the club despite the circumstances.  

For example, Jocelyn stated that the club hosts weekly meetings, along with involving members on the Theatre department’s instagram shows, The Drama Room, and hosting showcases. Loera explains how the officers persevere and gave their members “the best experience” they could.

As of now, Theatre club members are working on monologues, or solo scripts, to prepare for an upcoming showcase for friends and family. There are also members researching for other monologues in hopes of auditioning into Theatrics for the 2021-2022 school year.

 West Covina High School Theater is working hard on giving the spotlight to their members, even during the pandemic!