Behind The Screen with Cynthia Tran


Tran alongside friends behind the scenes of last year’s musical. Photo credits to Cynthia Tran

With her bright and bubbly personality, senior Cynthia Tran branches out to new opportunities and joins Advanced Theatre at school. Although having little experience, Tran seems to like the class and the people in it. However, this is not her first rodeo.

The 2020-2021 school year is Tran’s first full year of being in a theatre class. She explains that this is her “first-year ever being in West Covina High School’s Advanced Theatre class”.

On the other hand, she does have quite some experience of being on stage.

Tran had participated in last year’s school musical, “How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying” as a part of the ensemble. 

Cynthia then mentions how she fell in love with theatre because of how she “admired the ability to creatively express oneself through performing” in front of large audiences.

She felt that she loved performing during school events such as mock rock, a lip-sync competition, and the homecoming scripts that she choreographed along with friend, Jocelyn Loera. Tran says that in order to grow as a person she “needed to build confidence through taking the opportunities presented in front of me”.

She also loves the theatre department because of her classmates. Tran explains how it “seemed like a safe space and loving class”, and her desire to be a part of the community. By breaking down her barriers, she has been able to participate in many activities the theatre class brings on, including “The Drama Room”, a series of episodes found on the theatre class’ Instagram page.

Furthermore, Cynthia loves to participate in these skits because it allows her to “portray a certain person” and to get creative costume-wise. She believes that it is also a great idea to show off what the class offers, considering the circumstances.

 Overall, Tran emphasizes how much she enjoys being a part of the the fun community.