Running to be the Dancing Queen: Hitomi Ng


Shortly after Ng’s nomination. Photo credits to Ryann Alvarez


The homecoming court nominations for West Covina High School’s retro wave dance were recently announced. One of the five princesses that was nominated is senior, Hitomi Ng. Hitomi is involved in multiple extracurricular, such being the dance captain of Dance Drill, Link Crew, O Ambassadors, and National Honors Society. Some of her hobbies include dancing and being with friends and family. When she was nominated she said she “felt great, and so happy”. Her only worries were “getting nominated, but once I did, I was completely happy”. Hitomi decided to run for court because she “really wanted to do a skit and go through the work and effort of putting a skit together and performing it with everyone to be included in the rally”.  The process of putting yourself out there for votes is a nervous feeling. According to Ng, the process has been “kind of intimidating because it is kind of hard to put yourself out there and hope that people will vote for you”. She also added to that statement with “I think once I got nominated I got a little bit better, especially with the person who is next to me, running with me ”. Winning king and queen is not the only goal for the nominees. For Hitomi her main goals and expectations are to “have fun. For my skit I just want for everyone in my skit to be included and feel included”. Overall, Hitomi is very passionate about running for homecoming court, and dedicated to creating her skit so everyone in her skit feels included.