Class of 2022’s Backdrop Destroyed in Renaissance Collegiate Rally


The class of 2022’s poster after being destroyed. Photo credits to Jacob Lopez


Within the weeks leading to preparing backdrops, decoration, and planning for student-run rallies, councils and teams of all sorts of expertise collaborate to form the rallies that dozens of students have the opportunity to enjoy. Specifically, the groups focused on creating backdrops, themes, as well as the planning for the rallies are done by class councils. Class councils spend an estimate of more than 20 hours a week to prepare activities and scenery that appeals, as well as enhance the atmosphere of a certain theme of a rally. This process can be hectic, alongside other students’ extracurriculars, to balance out. However, it is all in the interest of school spirit. 

The first Renaissance collegiate rally consisted of a theme from the fairy tale “Alice in Wonderland”. Following this theme, the catchphrase, “Your dreams are never too crazy”, captured an inspirational motto for all students to utilize for the upcoming semester. Correspondingly, the idea of Renaissance’s rallies are to recognize students of all kinds of achievements and successes. Categories recognized included the Top Ten of every class, ‘Inspirational Students’, and Advanced Placement scholars. In addition to the recognition, the rally included people of creative arts, spirit games, and dances that were a wild success for students to enjoy. 

All classes gathered for a photo in celebration for the rally day. Photo credits to @wchsrenaissance on Instagram

While each class has the opportunity to compete and create the best backdrop for their section, these posters take days to plan, draw, and paint for completion before the deadline of rally day. In an unfortunate turn of events, the class of 2022’s backdrop poster was destroyed, thrown, and discarded by students of the section. The backdrop featured their title of sophomores, alongside characters Mad Hatter, Alice, and others being the focus of their poster. Consisting of a magical theme, the council successfully and artistically followed the theme of the rally itself, completed with decorated seating and lights. It was at the end when people finally noticed and revealed that the middle of the poster, near Alice, had been entirely ripped out and thrown by individuals in the section. Additionally, throughout the rally, pieces of the poster were rolled up and left discarded on the bleachers. In recognizing this, the class of 2022 officers believed that it was only slightly ripped, which was to be expected. As the lights turned on at the final moments of the rally, it was then realized that students were proceeding to destroy and throw the poster to others. Class Council of 2022 artist, Valencia Kwan, speaks that she “couldn’t control emotions” in seeing her hard work being torn. Having a major role in drawing for the poster, she knows the importance was found in “never working so hard on a rally backdrop and knowing that they did breaks their heart.” In an emotional moment, it was then that all of class council was left to see the aftermath, with many crying for their once beloved backdrop. Kwan questions the motive of the people tearing the backdrop, as does everybody else involved, rather considering it “pathetic for not only destroying their work, but hearts, because nobody understands how much it meant to them.” She also notes that the class teacher, Mr. Shigemasa was just as emotionally driven as everybody else in the moment of devastation. 

Furthermore, another student from the council, Jacob Lopez, reiterates that there was a heavy impact on everybody who spent hours to create the backdrop. On a positive note, he believes that the council has gone from “stressing about it, to being glad that they can be better people than the cruel students involved.” He also acknowledges the fact that there will be students who “don’t understand the hard effort put into making things enjoyable for them”, but it only “encourages them to work harder and stronger.” 

Class of 2022’s Council posing in front of their completed poster in commemoration of their hard work. Photo credits to Valencia Kwan

In a day that faded the spirit for some, it is recommended to not take for granted the value and importance that people have for rally decoration and planning. While there may have been the motive to appear rebellious, it doesn’t account for the hours and effort that students spend on creating backdrops. They’re a representation of the class, their skill, and spirit for the school itself. Conclusively, for just about everybody’s sake, respect other’s work and dedication for uplifting a rally’s atmosphere. Destroying another’s work does nothing but belittle one’s confidence, esteem, and can be a discouraging essence for those participating. Rather, enjoy and appreciate the heart students can have for a rally, and be particularly thankful for the scenery notable for West Covina rallies.