Songs of the Summer: “Ransom”


Christian Timple

“Ransom” by Lil Tecca is one of summer 2019’s biggest hits. The song starts off with a unique and noticeable xylophone beat and when is played out loud everyone notices it. Also, Lil Tecca, an upcoming rapper has surprisingly sparked the world with his monotone like voice which has not only captured regular people’s attention, but other big rappers that the majority of people listen to. This allows these rappers to feed off of Lil Tecca’s attention and end up remixing the song with Tecca himself. This is a good thing because not only is Tecca getting public recognition from rappers who have been in the rap game, but it also publicizes the song more. The song recently has over 100 million views on Youtube averaging over 1 million views per day. A huge milestone for the young rapper who is only 17 years old! Although Tecca raps about “ the Fendi, Prada when hit Milan” he actually has never been to Europe and just wanted to use word play which is typically what rappers do nowadays. However, his high-spirited energy truly does portray into his songs as he is seen dancing in current music videos on Youtube.

Photo Credits: YouTube