Sports Profile: Jacob Viramontes


Jacob Viramontes featured in his practice jersey. Picture by Ebony Valadez


The game between West Covina and Northview kicked off the season for frosh football as of September 5th. Describing the game, Jacob Viramontes said,  “The game was fun, but during the first half were tired but during the second half caught up.” As the game went on, the points kept adding to Northview, however, cheerleading still kept showing their spirit as the game went on. After it was asked of ”who in the football industry inspires you?” Jacob then went on and said, “Coach Platt, Coach Maggorie, Coach Ybarra, Coach Johnson, Coach Henry and Coach Frank”, saying that these people inspire him because they motivate him to work hard, and he wants to make them proud. Another question asked was, “What is your practice routine?” Jacob then said, “ practice for 2 hours on defense and offense.” In addition to the questions we asked Jacob, towards the end of the game, Jacob felt that, “It was fun, but it was also rough. were tired but tried best to succeed in the game.” The Bulldogs tried their best playing against Northview.In the end, all of the players were proud of the football team for playing their hardest and trying their best. Furthermore, we asked the player, “How well do you get along with your teammates?”. Responsively, ” get along very well… treating each other like brothers. To conclude, Viramontes was asked about the expectations for the team in the end, replying that he “wants the season to end on a win.. to be undefeated or at least have a good team and have it be memorable.”  Overall, Jacob Viramontes has a great passion for the game. Jacob also has a great support system with all of his coaches and teammates who help him achieve not only his individual goals, but the goals of the team as a whole.