3 Tips to Have a Successful School Year

A Helpful Guide for Students, From a Student



Vivian Gomez, Editor-In-Chief

The new school year is difficult for anybody to learn and adapt to, and without the proper access to materials, information, as well as helpful insights, it may be a struggle for longer than it has to be! Thankfully to the accessibility of not only technology, but tutors and teachers, the process can be made easier. It’s important to begin your school year on the right note, as it encourages continuous success throughout the year. Even being a freshman or sophomore, every year counts towards your own success. Whether it be a college, trade, or any other option, the grades that matter then are just as valuable as they do now. Coming from a student, there are a few things I’ve learned and heard over the last year that I like to enforce upon myself, and am still in the process of doing.  Generally, there is no reason as to why you can’t take the extra stride to better prepare yourself, and here are a few tips to help you do just that! 

  1. Have a system

No, I don’t mean relying on your phone’s system for Photomath or other easy shortcuts!

A system revolves around setting habits and routines for yourself. These can include personal habits, like a simple exercise or stretch in the morning. While not discussed so much, these types of routines can enable healthy and convenient lifestyles, even in the mud of times. A few to get you started include:

  • Create a stable morning routine that works for you

This should be the kickstart to your day, and involve small activities that boost your hygiene, happiness, and health. Ex: Music, breakfast, and brushing your teeth. A great app that sets reminders for those smaller tasks is Routinist-Schedule Planner. 

  • Drinking 64 oz of water

This is typical and said a lot, but it does make a difference in your everyday life. I greatly underestimated the influence of what a cup could do for you mentally, and physically. Investing in a nice water bottle is also a good and pleasing reminder to do so. If you’re forgetful though, an app that’s perfect for that is the Water Reminder – Daily Tracker. 

  • Set goals for yourself daily

You don’t have to run a mile everyday to be able to set a simple goal for yourself. Goals can vary from short-term ones; completing your chores, finishing that assignment, or decluttering, to long-term ones; Practicing or assisting more in that extracurricular, meal prepping, or planning a self-care day. An app that’ll improve your goal setting is Remente- Self Improvement, which provides additional help from experts in setting your goals, and follows your progress in the meantime!

Correspondingly, having a system dedicated to homework is helpful in reducing procrastination and stress down the road. For example, if you have a free period, take it to your advantage and don’t finish that Netflix show, owe it to yourself to think “Hey, if I finish this now, I can have all the time to do anything else later on!”. If working at the last minute brings you better results, by all means, you’re lucky. However, the self control to schedule a time for yourself that focuses on homework without distraction is impressive as well! Everybody works differently, but creating a schedule that gives you a space to focus on one assignment is important to not falling behind or stacking onto late assignments.

  1. Build a support network

Many can be discouraged by the idea of asking for help from teachers or other resources. The inability and fear to approach the ones working to help and guide you can result in unpleasant confusion, test scores, or grades. I perceive it as, if you fully can’t grasp a concept yourself, how do you expect to progress and excel in it? Furthermore, it’s important to build and establish good connections around campus. This can be with peers, teachers, advisors, and tutors. Knowing at least a few or more people in each of your classes can truly help you in the long run if there’s any notes you miss, or general help on a topic.

  1. Being involved outside the classroom

Sure, active roles in school clubs or teams look great to colleges, but that isn’t the only reason why pursuing an extracurricular is essential to a great year. These provide an outlet to the daily routines and stresses of school. Additionally, they allow opportunities to branch out, explore places and people, and it distinguishes a label for something you can be proud of. Club Rush week is the best connection to see and approach different clubs and activities that fit your interests! Don’t feel limited to school activities however, as the city of West Covina hosts volunteer events, and programs that enrich the background and independence of students from everywhere. If you’re undecided about your interests, the blog CollegeVine has guides for each incoming grade to choosing an activity to fit your passions!

While there are many more components to ensuring a better school year, the aforementioned 3 are the main key ideas to optimal performance both inside, and outside the classroom. There is always room for improvement within yourself, and a fresh start to the year is the best way to begin your personal journey. The best of luck to you, Bulldogs, and may your upcoming school year be a successful one!