Kindest Bulldogs: Sidney Tran


Sidney poses for the camera at the region picnic. Photo courtesy of Sidney Tran


As the historian of West Covina High School’s Key Club, junior Sidney Tran is an actively busy student. Beyond school hours, Tran can be found consistently dedicating her time to passionately serve the community alongside other participants of Key Club events. According to Tran, in brief, Key Club is “an international student-led organization that provides its members and officers opportunities to serve the community”. The club hosts numerous events, such as AIDS Walk, Fall Rally South, beach clean-ups, and Adopt-A-Park, allowing Tran to “give back to others by helping those who are in need”.

Consequently, being involved in other outside activities and clubs may lead to problems regarding the balance of priorities. Between serving the community and focusing on additional schoolwork, “time management is difficult to keep up”, reveals Tran. Because many service events are held on weekends and can last for hours at a time, homework is often postponed to later at night. However, Key Club events are usually organized into various shifts, each at various times. In an attempt to find equilibrium, Tran explains that “ to select the that are in the morning, in order to do homework.”

Although the aforementioned in itself is a challenge, satisfaction continues to be Tran’s ultimate reward and encouragement. According to Tran, “ feels accomplished when others benefit from work. Knowing that a small impact on the community only motivates to help out even more”. In addition to a sense of fulfillment, Tran has demonstrated that community service, in general, is both an exciting and learning experience. Constant bonding with other members or talking with people at events teaches beneficial skills, including communication and the development of leadership. All-in-all, Tran explains that her active participation in community service has “given a purpose, and ultimately shaped values.”