Food Review: Tierra Mia Coffee



Looking for a cafe to hang out and chill with a nice drink and some desserts? Well, there is no need to look further with Tierra Mia Coffee.

Tierra Mia Coffee is small privately owned company with only thirteen locations in California. Specifically, there are 11 Southern California stores and two located in Northern California.

The Horchata Frappé Mocha Mexicano from Tierra Mia Coffee. Photo by Cody Torres

Tierra Mia is a cafe that introduces customers to a variety of unique, Latin-influenced drinks and desserts. Not only are the drinks and desserts are Latin influenced, the store itself is appropriately furnished. Each cafe usually has Latin inspired decorations around the perimeter, such as Tierra Mia’s newest location in La Habra, a location which is adorned with lavish Spanish-influenced talavera tiles.

I visited Tierra Mia in La Habra with my family. The store was very clean and visually pleasing, creating a good atmosphere, along with the workers’ friendly dispositions. I ordered large Horchata Frappé Mocha Mexicano which was somewhat expensive at costing five dollars plus tax. However, it was worth it since the drink was very pleasant and refreshing, infused with the robust flavor of cinnamon horchata. I also tried a Honey Vanilla Tea Latte which was my mother’s order. It was the perfect amount of sweetness and soothing for the throat.

Overall, Tierra Mia is a great, enjoyable cafe for friends and family, well worth the experience. I would recommend Tierra Mia to anybody looking for a new place to find unique drinks.