Movie Review: Blockers


The comedy movie Blockers features the story of a high school prom plan for a group of friends obstructed by their parents. Photo courtesy of Universal Pictures.

The new movie Blockers, released on April 6, approaches high school prom in a comical and exaggerated manner dated in modern times. This film features many renowned actors including John Cena, Leslie Mann, and Ike Barinholtz, which are all parents of senior girls attending prom.

There is a twist to the plot: all three girls are planning to lose their virginity after prom. After the parents find out, they set out to stop them from committing what the parents believe is the worst mistakes of their lives. The storyline covers real life high school problems such as peer pressure, college acceptances, growing up, and sexuality confusion.

This comedy, while truly being funny, overdramatizes many situations and is definitely not for an audience of all ages. Rotten Tomatoes site gave this film an 83 percent rating and 50 percent of the people on this site claimed to like it as well. I can agree with these ratings because, humor-wise, it could have been better. I feel like the audience expected to get more laughs out of it instead of cringe moments. It really appeals to parents, high school seniors, or graduates.

3 out of 5 stars