Book Review: It’s Kind of a Funny Story

20140916_134520BY LYLA VALENZUELA

New York City teenager Craig Gilner, is firm about getting to the right high school and revolving his life around the right education but along the way he’s held back.

“It’s kind of a funny story” by Ned Vizzini, gives you a good look into how Craig goes through and deals with his personal flaws such as his suicidal thoughts and anxiety. Craig approaches depression and suicidal ideation and deals with it in his unique ways that aren’t so great to himself and his family. Some of his “ways” he deals with his mental disorders is going along with some bad choices his friends make like doing drugs. Which he finds out later that obviously does not improve his flaws.

Reading this story myself I find it very interesting and appealing, due to it’s topic that isn’t very usual in teen novels. As most teen novels involve love this book also has a pinch of teen romance.

This story  is very entertaining and provides advice for people with the same personal experiences. I suggest this book for teens because they can get an early understanding and a feel of the tough roads Craig goes through.