“A Blast From the Past”: theater’s first show of the school year


Team 90s vs 2000s rapidly fits prompts into their game 185. Cast from left to right: Isabella Mercado, Mariveya Carrillo, Lily Maldonado, Julianna Othmer, Maryjane Tafoya, Josh Castro, Arela Acuna, and Kimberly De Paz. Photo Credit: Julia Wong

Julia Wong and Rachel Leon, Staff Writers

Theater’s “Blast From the Past” overfilled the theater room with non-stop laughter with throwback Improv, featuring the ´70s, ´80s, ´90s and 2000s. With the cast’s agile judgment and help from the audience, they were able to achieve a memorable first show of the school year.

“Blast from the Past” consisted of four teams representing a decade. They competed against each other in numerous improvisational games. Every team wore an inspired outfit based on their decades, representing the different trends. 

The theater director, Kimberly Segura, actively interacted with the audience; prompting scenarios, topics and the winner of each round. The audience eagerly answered questions, there was no dull moment. It was evident during the show that every act relied on the cast’s wits with the audience shouting unusual suggestions.

Junior Jade Coronado, a member of the 70s team, shared a tip for maintaining a flow in improv.

“Just bounce off other people, what they say, what they do, their facial expressions, just keep it going,” Coronado said.

The cast played a variety of games: in the first half of “70s vs 2000s” the teams played Beastie Boys, Four Corners, Spelling Bee, Interrogation, Slow Motion Olympics and What are you doing? In the second half of “80s vs 90s”, teams played World’s Worst, Countdown, 185, Monologue Tag, Alphabet, and Questions. When the teams competed, if one side hesitated to come up with improvisation, the audience clapped twice and said “Out of there!”. The last round wrapped up with the winners of the previous games, “90s vs 2000s”, playing Chain Murder.

Team 70s spiritedly plays against Team 80s with improv’s style of Four Corners.Cast from left to right: Isaac Vargas, Apollo Lozano, Miranda Torres, Anicia Toscano, and Lyannah Tibere. Photo Credit: Julia Wong

The creative improv games created a comfortable relationship between both the audience and the cast. Theater created an environment welcoming an all-age audience, so their talents were not shown only to high schoolers. The effort the cast put on was visible to the audience throughout the show.

Senior JROTC Instructor, Capt. Jesus Acuña-Perez, who was an audience member at “Blast From the Past” went on to describe the cast’s characters and performance once the show was over.

“When you love your craft it becomes very apparent because the work becomes magical,” Acuña-Perez said.

The evening was certainly an exhibit of laughter and creativity and “Blast From the Past” was only the beginning. The theater department has plenty more shows and performances to present at West Covina High School in the near future, so visit them to experience the in-person sensation.