Club Spotlight: Minecraft Club



Taking a break from the hectic and busy school life is all the reason that students should participate in clubs. With club promo, many clubs were introduced as well as revived onto the campus. A new one that’s in the process of being chartered, but highly anticipated, is the newest Minecraft Club. Minecraft Club is a break from the daily life and stresses of school, as president and co-founder, Karyme Padilla, speaks. Only a sophomore, she’s taken on the role of what she calls “14 pages of paperwork and lots of work and time”. Her expectations for the upcoming club include

President and Co-Founder of Minecraft Club Karyme Padilla

fundraising, events such as days to playing Minecraft, as well as even building a replica of West Covina into the game. Additionally, there are many upcoming activities for the club as soon as the club is to be approved. Padilla mentions her excitement for the club, saying it’s a great way for “people to get together and just have a good time.” Their first meeting had a great attendance and overall turn out, so much more of this club will be heard from all about campus. Take a break from school, join the Minecraft Club, and have the opportunity to collaborate and build upon experience and friendships.