Food Review: Dolsot



A newly established Dolsot in West Covina gives a hint of the Korean lifestyle. Dolsot has an aroma of freshness and quality right when you walk in. Once you sit down and order, they provide you with a delicious, savory Korean Pancake called “Pajeon” as an appetizer. “Pajeon” is made from chopped up bits of vegetables like potatoes, orange carrots, green onion, and fresh zucchini, then coated with a fried flour and egg batter. Another thing I ate at this exotic restaurant was the grilled marinated chicken Dolsot BBQ.

The menu provides a good introduction to the Korean delicacies. Photo by Louie Velasquez

Once the order was ready, the servers came with a silver rolling table holding hot, steaming food in a Korean stone bowl; they also provide you with heavy silver chopsticks to eat your food with. The taste of the marinated chicken is mouthwatering as their is a mix of warm rice, onions, and long bean sprouts steam inside your bowl. The quantity of the serving is perfect as there is more chicken than vegetables. If you are not a fan of meat, Dolsot also has options for vegans, such as their Tofu Dolsot BBB which is rice topped with fresh tofu and assorted vegetables served with a side of warm white rice. Moreover, Dolsot is very popular for their Dolsot Bibimbap (BBB), which is a bowl of rice topped with assorted vegetables and chili paste mix all together. It is served in a hot stone bowl so you can enjoy your food for a longer time without your food getting cold. Additionally, Dolsot provides a green frequent visitor card which has to be stamped eleven times before you can get a free Bulgogi BBQ or a take out order.

Pajeon, a Korean pancake, is one of the many items served at Dolsot. Photo by Louie Velasquez

Dolsot is open at 11 a.m. every day and closes at 10 p.m. except on Fridays and Saturdays- on those days, they close at 10:30 instead. Try them out at 1414 S. Azusa Ave. in West Covina to get a taste of mouthwatering Korean cuisine.