Club Spotlight: WCC/Chess Club


Justin Cabrera

Two players play chess during a Feb. 8 meeting in C-3.

Justin Cabrera, Contributing Writer

WCC or Chess Club is one of the many clubs on campus. They focus on introducing people to the game of chess and giving a space for people who already play chess to compete in person. 

“We would accept anyone that has any interest in chess. Chess is a game that once you learn how the pieces move you can play, and slowly start getting better and better as you play more,” said WCC Advisor Joseph Osterberg, when asked how good chess is for beginning players. 

For new players, chess may seem rather uninteresting and boring. However, chess is a fantastic way to build forward-thinking skills while simultaneously participating in friendly competition. 

“I’m not the greatest at chess or a frequent attender to chess club, but I do enjoy the time that I spend there,” said Jerry Soledad, when asked about his experience with WCC. 

“I never really cared for chess before, but my friend Alexia introduced me since we had Mr. Osterberg with each other, and I started to have more fun than I expected,” Soledad continued.

Once you get past the beginner stages in chess, things really start to pick up and the game becomes a lot more fun. 

WCC holds tournaments for experienced players with winnings usually $20 to $30 gift cards, depending on placement. 

“We’re having a chess tournament next month, we haven’t decided on the date yet, but it’ll be sometime after school during March. We’ll also be selling boba during the tournament to the spectators,” said Osterberg, when asked about the upcoming WCC events. 

West Covina High School’s chess club is a great club to get involved for any reason. Whether you’re a person interested in chess, or just looking to have fun, chess club has whatever you’re looking for.